"Of all the things that we have tried to earmark in defense appropriations, this exhibition may be the most important and have the most lasting impact. This exhibition is about continuing the struggle for the soul of mankind and never again allowing us to lose this struggle."
—James P. Moran, U.S. Congressman

"The When Humanity Fails exhibition brought a fresh outlook on WWII. I have planned and attended many events relating to the Holocaust and this was the first that was received as both educational and emotional."
—Avital Falk, Co-chair of Holocaust Education at the University of Pennsylvania

"...it's a novel approach to Holocaust education because it focused on the rescue of survivors and the U.S. liberation of the camps, something that is often not highlighted."
—Rabbi Steve Golden, Judaic Director, Kaplen Jewish Community Center on the Palisades, Tenafly, NJ

"This exhibition shows us that when humanity fails unthinkable things occur...and when humanity fails, the goodness of man sometimes is able to make humanity triumph."
—John Sweeney, U.S. Congressman

"Everyone who viewed this exhibition was mesmerized by the presentation... In particular, our students seemed to be in awe. We used the exhibition as a teaching tool as we presented our Holocaust curriculum."
—Valerie Hurwitz, Executive Director, Beth Tikvah B'nai Jeshurun, Erdenheim, PA

"This exhibition serves the very wonderful purpose of reminding us that we have to be responsible for what happens."
—Ralph Regula, U.S. Congressman

"I have found the "One Soul" Exhibition to be best at utilizing photographs, audio and video clips. The exhibition brings the horrors of the Holocaust to bear on all the senses and thus makes an indelible impression on all who visit."
—Stuart Rosenthal, Manager, International Resource Center, Queens Library, NY

"This exhibition brought a much needed enlightenment, understanding, and educational experience that our citizens will pass on for generations to come."
—Marianne Hightman, Holocaust Education Resource Council, Tallahassee, FL

"I commend the Afikim Foundation for reaching out to the community to help educate the young about the Holocaust and for honoring the soldiers whose heroic efforts saved so many..."
—Deena Bernstein, Acting Dean of the Division of Arts & Humanities, Lehman College, Bronx, NY