Exhibition Specifications

Exhibition Plan
The exhibition is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame in 3 structural units, shown to the right as A, B, and C. Units A and B are 'L-shaped' walls that are identical in size and shape. These walls are designed to face one another so that an interior space is created (see illustration at right). The walls are 8' in height and 8' in length and width. The walls have an interior depth or thickness of 2'. The C unit is a centerpiece that stands 3' in height and has a length and width of 4'. A minimum of 4' of walking space is required between the centerpiece and the L-walls. A minimum of 6' around the installation is suggested.

Download a PDF of the exhibition specifications HERE.

For more information on hosting the exhibition contact:
Karen Hochberg
Marketing Director
Afikim Foundation
111 John Street, Suite 1720
New York, NY 10038